Saturday, August 18, 2012

❣Cute Pastel Wallie & Icons❣

Mix & match iphone theme by me.
i love the pastel icons set to the max! Very matching with the wallie.
A lot asked me whether i can share this theme.
Okay,wallpaper is from a theme downloaded 
Icons set from the lovely Susan's Android blog,
i converted them to be used for iphone.
Her iphone blog link:
while her android blog link:

i had asked her permission and she allowed me to share the icons set.
While the wallie,i think the creator from ifansland 
will not mad because i only share out the wallie.
And also credits back to both of them
for contributing the wallpaper & the icons set respectively.
i only convert the icons set and combine with the wallpaper
as background.
All themes pathway is var/stash/themes.

If you want only the icons set or only the wallpaper,
please separate them yourself.
Want only the wallpaper,go into ifile,var/stash/themes/CutePastelWallie&IconsSet,
delete all except Wallpaper@2x.
Want only the icons set,delete all except the Icons folder.