Hai. I'm Mrskitty Yi.From my nickname,you get to know I super love Hello Kitty.I self-learn to make Iphone theme at first,and then only Android theme because I can't find a cute cartoon theme for myself.

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Monday, December 1, 2014 3:43 PM | Written by Mrskitty Yi | 0 comments

For those first-time user of jailbroken iphone/ipad,
here is the tutorial with pics on how to
download & install theme using ifile from your jailbroken idevice.
If you still can't get it,don't ask me!

*You will need IFILE from Cydia installed first before downloading any
themes for your idevice.

1.After getting download link from me/you click the DOWNLOAD BUTTON 
in my blog post, this page below will appear.
2. Press the 'Download' button.
And you will notice there is a loading indicator running 
at your idevice statusbar. (Above pic with arrow showing)

3. After a while(time depending on the theme's file,big file need longer time)
appear a page like pic below. Press the 'Open in iFile'. 
*If you DO NOT have iFile installed,you won't get this option!

4. Then,it will direct you to iFile. 
And this page appear (see below pic)
Press 'Zip Viewer'.
*Whether the theme is password protected or not,
you just choose Zip Vewer to extract the zip file.
(For password protected theme,a box will pop out 
asking you to key in the password. Just key in the password.)

5. Then,press the button at bottom right side,
and choose 'Extract All Files'.
6. After that,press 'DONE' which is located at the top right side.

7. You will notice a folder appear(purple coloured box)
Press 'Edit' and choose the folder of the theme you downloaded.

8. After that, press the button at bottom right side,
press 'Cut' . Press 'DONE' which is located at the top right side.

9. Press return which is located at the top left side.
Keep on pressing it till you reach a page like below pic.
Scroll up the page and look for Library. Press it.

10. Find Themes folder. Press it.

11. Once you are in the Themes folder, press 'Edit'.

12. Press the bottom right side button.

13. Then,press 'Paste'. And then, 'Done'.

Okay..now just exit iFile(click home button)
Go to Winterboard and Select Themes,
find the themes you wish to set,tap on it,and
click Winterboard button on top left corner.
Click Respring.
That's all.


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