Hai. I'm Mrskitty Yi.From my nickname,you get to know I super love Hello Kitty.I self-learn to make Iphone theme at first,and then only Android theme because I can't find a cute cartoon theme for myself.

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❣Zeppelin specially made for SiS❣
Tuesday, July 10, 2012 5:43 PM | Written by Mrskitty Yi | 0 comments

This cute Rilakkuma loves Pooh Zeppelin
specially made for my sis.
She requested me to make for her.
i had make it suitable for ipad.
Therefore,all zeppelin from my blog here is also suitable for ipad.
You can download for free by clicking the title just below the image.

Another 2 zeppelin by me.
i made it to match the theme im using.
i like busy zeppelin.
Like to see my statusbar full of cute stuff.
Therefore,my zeppelin will be a few images,not only one.

For zeppelin,after download, unarchiver,
move the folder,folder ok(not ZIP FILE)
to /Library/Zeppelin.
After that,you need to go into Settings/Zeppelin and set it there.

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