Hai. I'm Mrskitty Yi.From my nickname,you get to know I super love Hello Kitty.I self-learn to make Iphone theme at first,and then only Android theme because I can't find a cute cartoon theme for myself.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012 6:12 PM | Written by Mrskitty Yi | 7 comments

Few more new zeppelins by me.
And it is FREE!! 
That's double good news.
Triple to that,without password protected.
You must be very happy right now.
All my zeppelins are suitable for ipad too.
And if you use my zeppelins,your wifi,carrier,battery and alarm icons
also will show up as i made all my zeppelins size to fit in
so that all icons can appear.
It had a maximum size for the length of the zeppelin.


After download,click open in ifile,
click Unarchiver and NOT zip viewer
because this isn't password protected.
After done,move the folder(not zip file)
to Library/Zeppelin.
Set it in Settings.

All donation are welcomed and appreciated!
Appreciate my work?? Donate

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Blogger janejoye said...

Super cuteeeee~~~~~~~

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this mrs kitty, i love the first one:)

Blogger ♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@janejoye, thanks ya!!!

@mieko,You are very welcome!!

Blogger kbung said...

what is i don't have the zeppelin folder in ifile?

Blogger ♥Mrskitty Yi♥ said...

@kbung,do you install zeppelin from Cydia?

Blogger kbung said...

oh... i got it thanks you ^^

Blogger @Nurul_Aini said...

i dont have zeppelin in my library but i had enabled zeppelin in setting.please reply this in aini_styl3@hotmail.com. i hope you can help me :))


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