Hai. I'm Mrskitty Yi.From my nickname,you get to know I super love Hello Kitty.I self-learn to make Iphone theme at first,and then only Android theme because I can't find a cute cartoon theme for myself.

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❣My another BLOG❣
Sunday, November 4, 2012 9:18 PM | Written by Mrskitty Yi | 0 comments

Hi,all. Today post not about iphone theme.
Just to share to you all,that before i have this iphone goodies blog,
i already had a blog to share all about my life.
Here it is:

Go click the link & check it out!
No,i mean to let you all know more about me.
More about my lifestyle.
i may be busy,but i try my best to create
new themes for all of you.
Some are free while some not.
Even though i stay at home(not all the time)
shopping,my full time job hired by Mr Hubby...xD
i need to babysit my own baby,and also
take care of 2 kids(my daughters)
total 3 of them! Just listen makes you exhausted,right?

i will create themes for people who request,but
not all request i take. It depends.
On my mood,on those asking politely,
on those not fussy one...
Yeah,i think im kinda weird...>.<

Ok,till here.Soon will be posting out hello kitty candy twitter theme.
Stay tuned~

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